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Gerri Wismer


Grief Counselor

Gerri Wismer

Gerri Wismer, RN has been working in Women’s Health at Lankenau Hospital for over 25 years. She is a nationally certified bereavement facilitator specializing in pregnancy loss, early infant death and unexpected outcomes. Gerri helped to develop the Perinatal Bereavement Program at Lankenau Hospital working as a bereavement consultant and has provided these services for the Mainline Health system. Gerri facilitated the UNITE bereavement support group at Lankenau Hospital since it began 1990 until 2016. This is an open free support group for bereaved parents experiencing a pregnancy loss or early infant death. In addition, she facilitated the Subsequent Pregnancy Support group for parents who are pregnant after a loss until 2014. Gerri has a deep passion for bereaved parents and has studied with Alan Wolfelt, PhD., Director of The Center for Loss in Fort Collins, Colorado, earning a certification in Death and Grief Studies and has a certification as a bereavement facilitator from the American Academy of Bereavement.

A native of Philadelphia and now living in Wynnewood, Gerri received her R.N. from Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia. She is a widow and mother of four children, three living and one in heaven. Gerri is available at The Postpartum Stress Center via teletherapy to offer support, anticipatory guidance as she companions parents along the grief journey.

“The death of a baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth is a most difficult loss. Babies aren’t supposed to die. You never think you’ll have to bury your child. It is my desire to walk beside and companion those who must walk this journey. To offer hope and assurance that you survive.”
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