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Support Groups and Other Programs

Call The Postpartum Stress Center for information: 610.525.7527

Support Groups

Thank you for your interest in our support groups. Please note that we are re-developing our approach to group support and not currently offering any of the below Groups.

New Moms’ Support Group

A safe, supportive atmosphere in which moms work together to adjust to the “new normal” that arrives alongside motherhood. Babies welcome! Open to the public.

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Life After Baby — For Dads

A safe, supportive atmosphere in which dads work together to adjust to the “new normal” that arrives alongside fatherhood. Babies welcome! Open to the public.

Image by Zach Vessels

No-Longer-New Moms’ Group

This group is designed for moms who feel past the initial impact of the postpartum phase and seek a warm, inviting place to share the stressors of life specific to dealing with an older baby or toddler.

Mothers and their Baby

Pregnancy after PPD Support Group

This group is designed to accommodate the concerns of women who are contemplating pregnancy after experiencing postpartum depression. Issues include but are not limited to: medication decisions, gaining needed support from health care providers, family and friends, and strategies for coping with feelings of depression and anxiety

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PPSC Consultation Initial Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in The Postpartum Stress Center, LLC phone consultation. Please note that all consultations are virtual.

Please read the information below carefully.

Any information discussed during our consultation is intended for your general knowledge only and should not be a substitute for a comprehensive, in-person evaluation by a professional.


Furthermore, this professional dialogue does not constitute the establishment of a therapeutic or clinical relationship. No diagnosis will be made and consultation notes along with any recommendation, will not be any part of a mental health record. This consultation is designed to help you find some preliminary answers and receive guidance for your particular concerns. We strongly suggest you follow up with a local facility for continuing support.

If your request for consultation is accepted, you will receive an email from The Postpartum Stress Center ( – check your spam if you do not receive it) with date/time options depending on the availability of the consultant. In that email, you will also receive a link to pay online for your convenience.

Consultations with The Postpartum Stress Center are not psychotherapy and therefore cannot be reimbursed by insurance. Payment must be made, in full, in advance of the consultation. You understand that if you need to cancel this consultation, you must provide 24 hours notice in writing (email) or the fee for the consultation will be charged.

Finally, given the nature of electronic and phone communications, there is a risk that our communications are subject to compromise. We have a legal and ethical responsibility to put forth our best efforts to protect your confidentiality.


Karen Kleiman, Founding Director: $350.00
Marcie Weiner, PsyD: $200.00

Consultations are a one-time 45-minute phone consultation. You will call the office 610-525-7527 at the time of your scheduled consultation (or other number provided to you when the scheduled time to meet is finalized.)


Thank you. You'll hear back from us shortly.

Depression and Anxiety Support During Pregnancy

Although many people may fantasize about the joys and emotional well-being of pregnancy, for some women, particularly those with a history of psychiatric illness, pregnancy can be an emotionally vulnerable time. Studies show up to 20% of women suffer from depression or anxiety during pregnancy. This can be difficult to discern since symptoms of depression and anxiety can be confused with some of the dramatic changes that normally take place during pregnancy. For this reason, it is important for women to trust their instincts and let their doctor know if they do not like the way they are feeling.

Women who experience symptoms of depression or anxiety during pregnancy will find relief with appropriate intervention and support. For women who are concerned about the way they are feeling, it can be reassuring to be evaluated by a professional who can help determine what is okay and what may need to be treated or supported.

If you experience distress that is interfering with your ability to function the way you are used to, please let your healthcare provider know.


This is a non-scientific tool we use in our practice to increase our awareness of the factors that may put a woman at risk for depression. We find that it includes questions that are rarely asked during a routine medical exam yet the answers to these questions may alert the practitioner to cases where early intervention is indicated. Please bring this to your doctor so they can fully understand any risk factor you may have for PPD.

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