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Join our Team

Please contact us if you are interested in working with our highly specialized professional team.


PA Licensed Clinician

  • Build your career and developing expertise in perinatal mental health within the unique and enduring culture created by The Postpartum Stress Center (Est 1988):

    • Advanced training, supervision and support from leading experts in the field, aligned with The Art of Holding Perinatal Women in Distress™ model of intervention.

    • Mentorship, case consultation, case supervision, and ongoing peer and collegial support, from experienced practitioners and thought leaders

    • Regular team discussions and continuing education based on current literature.

    • Ongoing opportunities for training at The Karen Kleiman Training Center at no cost, professional development and leadership roles.

  • Focusing on your clinical practice (not admin duties), we handle the rest:

    • Marketing

    • Billing

    • Direct referrals 

    • Credentialing for insurance reimbursement in order to serve more clients

    • All major practice costs (EMR, teletherapy)

    • Competitive pay

    • You are paid weekly regardless of when the PPSC is reimbursed by insurance.

  • Flexibility​

    • Create your own schedule.

    • Provide individual, couple and/or group support/treatment

    • Our practice is virtual.


- We are accepting applications from out-of-state practitioners who are licensed to provide teletherapy services in Pennsylvania.

- Pre-licensed clinicians and graduate students are welcome to apply, and will be provided with professional supervision that meets the requirements of their academic setting. Acceptance is contingent upon the availability of our supervisors.

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