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Dr. Noormehak (Noor) Badechha



Dr. Noormehak (Noor) Badechha

Dr. Noormehak (Noor) Badechha, completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Marywood University and is currently completing her post-doctoral fellowship at PPSC. Her area of expertise is using cognitive-behavioral therapy interventions for mood and anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, as well as trauma within the women’s population. Noor obtained her bachelors in psychology from La Salle University (2016). She completed many of her graduate rotation in the Philadelphia area at sites focused on women’s health. Noor recently completed her pre-doctoral internship at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, PA where she further specialized in women’s health, specifically within a behavioral medical setting.

Dr. Noor has experience working with clients of different age ranges and diverse backgrounds. She implements individualized treatments to best help her clients reach their treatment goals and learn how to best help themselves. She has not only worked with clients in the peri-partum and postpartum period, but also clients that are working through fertility concerns, fertility treatments, cancer diagnoses, and pregnancy loss. Dr. Noor hopes to continue to work with clients who are experiencing women’s health concerns to help them integrate back into their lives and work through the challenges they are enduring.

“The rigid expectation we can hold for ourselves can drive us to feel burnt out, alone, and overwhelmed. New parents can often feel like this because of expectations society has set to be the ‘perfect parent’. The perfect parent does not exist. The post-partum period holds many positive emotions, as well as feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, and stress. It is my goal to help parents feel safe in changing their expectations, being flexible, all while validating their experiences. Change is hard and gaining the identity of a parent can be the most challenging.”

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