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Dr. Marcie Weiner


Psychologist, Practice Clinical Director

Dr. Marcie Weiner

Dr. Marcie Weiner, is our senior perinatal psychologist with over 35 years of clinical experience. She is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia, received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and earned her doctorate in Psychology from Hahnemann University. Dr. Weiner has served as Clinical Director of The Postpartum Stress Center and Coordinator of Professional Development for almost 20 years. As a senior clinical therapist and operations manager at the PPSC, Dr. Weiner provides supervision for our team, serves as our intern program mentor, and coordinates all clinical intakes and activities. She has extensive experience with families and relationships. In addition to her work with perinatal women and their families, she also specializes in the area of infertility and eating disorders and body image issues and helps families navigate the challenges they face through those journeys. In addition to her clinical work and as an advocate for women’s maternal wellness, Dr. Weiner spends time educating local community and medical groups on a wide range of women’s health issues.

“Women today struggle with the intense desire to be the “perfect mother”, an ideal that most of us find impossible to achieve. This includes knowing inherently how to care for all the needs of an infant while juggling all the responsibilities and emotions of new motherhood. While many women struggle with negative feelings about their bodies, dissatisfaction with appearance is often strongest while dealing with infertility, pregnancy and postpartum stress. My goal is to provide a safe, supportive environment for women to explore their feelings about the expanding roles as mothers, how to balance marriage, work and family, and still be able to care for themselves and their own needs.”
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