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Carlyne Graham



Carlyne Graham

Carlyne Graham joins The Postpartum Stress Center as a licensed Psychotherapist passionate about providing care and treatment to women and mothers. Carlyne graduated from high school in Detroit, MI, and served in the United States Army Reserves while earning her Criminal Justice and Sociology degree from Lane College. Her love of learning took her to the Loyola University of Chicago, where she received her master's degree in social work and Master of Jurisprudence with a concentration in child and family law. Before joining PPSC, Carlyne completed internships as a lactation consultant at local hospitals and is receiving her Lactation Consultant Certification (IBCLC) through the Drexel School of Medicine. She is excited to support the development of the relationship between parent and baby.

The journey to motherhood is not always an easy traveled road. On that journey, you will encounter postpartum, a period to provide the new mom time to physically heal from the trauma of birthing new life and the mental adjustment of incorporating this new life into her life. This period can bring both positive and negative feelings. These feelings are very normal and relatable. Having experienced both sides of the postpartum experience, I am here to provide a safe space for transparency, empathy, and compassion, free of judgment. I want to be a part of that quest back to yourself, starting with acknowledgment of your feelings. Together we will work on facing any shame, guilt, hopelessness, or unwarranted feelings you may face.

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