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7 Things I Love About Women With Postpartum Depression

...that they probably do not love about themselves

I am privileged to be trusted by women who seek support during one of the most challenging times in their lives. I have come to know many very well and often, see aspects of them they can barely acknowledge while they are busy tending to the necessities and demands of daily life.

So I pause and think about who they are and wonder if, when they recover well, they will see what I see.

While I cannot say that there are many upsides to depression and distress, these are some of the attributes of a postpartum woman I see in therapy that I find most inspiring:

1. She is vulnerable.

Her heart is broken, which makes her feel excruciating pain. But when this happens to her heart, it simultaneously opens it a bit. What I can see, that she may not yet believe, is an acute sensitivity that will eventually enable her to heal and grow. Emotional vulnerability dares her to stand up against her symptoms and move forward despite the temptation to give up. This takes courage and staying power.

2. Her fear is intense.

This is hard to love because it’s so agitating for her, but it is matched by her fi