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Rachel Slater



Rachel Slater

Rachel has had a lifelong passion for working with parents, children, and families. Rachel graduated from Clark University with a Master of Arts in Teaching, followed by a Master’s in Social Work from Widener University with a specialization in trauma focused treatment.

Rachel knows that pregnancy and parenthood aren’t always what one expects. She understands that parenthood may bring many challenges — the sleepless nights, the scary fears, the overwhelming newness, and the difficulty holding onto a sense of yourself apart from being a parent. Rachel is also passionate about working with parents who have experienced birth trauma, pregnancy loss, and pregnancy after loss. She is eager to be a support during the ups and downs of this exciting but often challenging time.

"Pregnancy and parenthood are often expected to be a time of joy and blissful bonding with your new baby. Being a parent can be one of the hardest challenges many of us will ever face — and too often we are expected to silently suffer and figure it out on our own. Sometimes our entry into parenthood does not feel easy and joyful which can be scary, overwhelming, and lonely. However you are feeling, I am here to hold a safe and non-judgmental space to talk openly about the ups and downs of parenthood. I would be honored to be a partner with you on this journey.”

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