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Melissa Patti


Melissa Patti

Melissa is a licensed clinical social worker in Pennsylvania who specializes in perinatal and community health. She graduated with a Master’s in Social Work from Temple University with specialization in clinical practice and child and family health.

Melissa’s passion for supporting mothers and families with young children started when

she was working as a home visiting family therapist in Philadelphia. She became interested in how to better support moms throughout their pregnancies and postpartum. She then trained as a birth doula and childbirth educator.

As her experience grew, she became more involved in maternal infant health by developing specialized home visiting programs that centered the needs of families with high-risk pregnancies and mental health concerns. In addition to perinatal support, Melissa has experience supporting individuals who are managing grief and loss, life transitions, interpersonal relationships and trauma. Her practice is rooted in collaboration and a holistic approach to care.

Becoming a parent can be a transformative moment in the lives of birthing people and families and I believe everyone deserves to have a supported journey into parenthood. My hope is to create a safe and nurturing space as I partner with people to navigate all of the joys and challenges that parenthood brings.”

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