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Liz Goldman



Liz Goldman

Liz Goldman, M.D., a board certified psychiatrist specializing in women’s mental health care, is the consulting psychiatrist for The Postpartum Stress Center. She works in very close collaboration with the Center’s staff to maximize individualized patient care and to foster a team approach. She received her medical degree from Case Western Reserve University and her psychiatry training from the University of Pennsylvania where she served as Chief Resident in Psychiatry and was honored with several local and national awards of recognition for excellent clinical care as well as teaching. She currently serves as a Clinical Associate faculty member at Penn. Dr. Goldman is thrilled to be part of the PPSC team.

“As a mother and a psychiatrist particularly interested and experienced in women’s health care, I wholeheartedly appreciate the challenges posed by women suffering with pregnancy-related and postpartum disorders. The symptoms and life struggles of each individual affected by such problems are complicated, just as each person is herself. I work with each woman seeking treatment to together better understand the diverse aspects of her suffering: her symptoms, her relationships, her emotional and/or psychiatric history, her family history and her multifaceted sense of identity as a person, wife and mother as well as her thoughts about taking medication if recommended. I both respect and cherish the uniqueness of every patient with whom I work. My role as a member of the PPSC team is to conduct a psychiatric evaluation and consider treatment via a psychopharmacologic approach in conjunction with the other equally important treatment modalities the PPSC offers. I educate patients and their families about the medication options available to women based on their needs and their pregnancy or nursing status. I spend as much time as necessary to help each patient make an educated and well informed decision that is right and safe for her and her family and that is unified in approach with all members of the PPSC treating team.”
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