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Dr. Spencer Brown

Psy.D, LPC


Dr. Spencer Brown

Dr. Brown is a doctoral level clinician. She is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her pre-doctoral training in women’s emotional wellness. Dr. Brown has a passion for working with women from marginalized backgrounds and seeks to help women raise their voices, obtain the care they deserve and advocate for their own wellness. She provides treatment across the perinatal spectrum including infertility, pregnancy loss, antepartum and postpartum mood concerns. Dr. Brown has a special interest in working with women who experience infertility. Her doctoral dissertation focused on exploring the relationship between female infertility stigma, cognitions, and coping responses. She is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Dr. Brown utilizes a supportive and collaborative CBT approach with a patient-centered focus that is tailored to meet the individual’s treatment goals.

The journey to motherhood can be a beautiful and joyous occasion. It can also be a time of self-doubt, second guessing, and invalidating remarks from others. Everyone experiences this journey differently and your experience is uniquely your own. Your feelings are valid and your story matters. I would like to help you tell your story, challenge those negative/anxious thoughts and find a balance that feels comfortable for you.

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